1981 Rabbit Pickup Turbo Diesel

81 Rabbit Pickup TD.jpg

After purchasing my first Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup (1982 Diesel from Rockport, MA) in 2019, I learned what structural areas to look out for in terms of rust. In my quest for a rust free Rabbit Pickup, I found that the market was very thin and securing one would require an open wallet. After having a generous offer turned down for a Black Tie Edition Pickup , I ensued with a "full-court press" in the search.  

My friend, Paul B., had this Sandstone Metallic Rabbit Pickup only 45 minutes from me. It came from Sacramento, CA around 2000 and he restored it with a rebuilt 1.6 turbo diesel motor, rebuilt injection pump and fresh paint. It was not officially for sale but I did ask him to let me know in 2018 if he ever decided to part with it, please let me know. We came to an agreement and I took possession of the pickup in September of 2019. I sold my 1984 Jetta Turbo Diesel to my friend Joe S., to offset some of the expense and basically trade places in the garage at the same time. 


The pickup did not need anything but wanted change a few things. I removed the plastic bed liner and custom tool box behind the rear window. I installed a Downey Products tonneau cover. I swapped the refinished Volkswagen Tear Drop wheels for a set of BBS RA wheels with new Toyo Proxes 195 45 15 tires. Lastly, I installed a rear sway bar made by Addco. To date, I have only had to install new Bosch Glow Plugs. 

Future modifications? I am content keeping it as is. I contemplated lowering the ride height but would rather do that to another Pickup.