1982 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup

82 Rabbit Pickup.jpg

A friend told me of a Rabbit Pickup parked in a Rockport driveway in the late winter of 2019. After some text messages with the owner, I was encouraged to go have a look. It was imoble with the a-arm attachment ripped away from the body and outer CV shattered. The owner just wanted it gone and I wanted to save it. Perfect match. Craig and I got it home and it started up with a fresh battery. This truck sat no less than a year so it was nice to get a Mk1 resuce as runner with little effort for once. I installed a Downey Products tonneau cover and a car cover. 

It would be several months before I could get a welder onsite to fix the a-arm attachment. Once that was sorted out, I installed a rebuilt axle had the truck ready for battle. It's first road test was a 60 mile round trip ride to visit friend, Paul B. Several new components flew onto the Rabbit Pickup. A set of 14 inch Rial Wheels replaced the stock Rabbit Steel wheels. A new oil pump, glow plug relay, timing belt, tensioner, lower timing belt cover, tie rod, ball joint, front & rear brakes, rear wheel bearings, emegency brake cables replaced worn out or items to ensure long term longevity. 

The tail gate got refreshed lettering in January of 2020. Three coats of collision white paint and two coats of clear got the rear end sorted. Up front, a duck bill spoiler gave a subtle asthetic improvement. An old school strut bar purchase found a home in between the strut mounts. 

With the acquisition of a 1982 Callaway Turbo Scirocco, something had to go and with deep sadness the Rabbit Pickup had to be put on the market. It sold in a month in January of 2021 to a nice owner who promptly drove it home to New Jersey where you will see it advertising a moble mechanic outfit.