1983 Callaway Turbo Scirocco

83 Scirocco Callaway.jpg
83 Scirocco Callaway engine.jpg

This is not a numbered Callaway Scirocco from the 1982 model year. This one was heavily modified way back when - Intercooled with the Microfueler.  This car came from South Grafton, MA. After making a connection via a VWVortex thread and offering to assist with a head gasket replacement, I was offered the car several years later. The car went on eBay with a reserve in which was not going to be reached. A deal was struck and the Scirocco was delivered within a week. A new fuel pump, ignition coil and back to ignition basics - the Callaway Scirocco roared bak to life. A year later the Scirocco got stripped down to bare metal and repainted. ST Coilovers replaced the Bilstein and Ground Control set up in the front. The TSW Stealth wheels were replaced by new Toyo Proxes wrapped ATS Cup wheels.

Future plans include replacing the rear suspension with the ST Coilovers and to replace the rear sway bar with a new Autotech unit.