1992 Corrado SLC VR6

92 Corrado SLC.jpg

I got this Corrado SLC VR6 from an Engineer in Longmeadow, MA via VWVortex in the early 2000's. It had 224K miles. It came with the original BBS wheels in the hatch while the car wore Borbet Type C wheels. The Corrado was stock with the exception of LED lights placed in the dash bezel to show what speed the radiator fans were running at. 

Within the next year, the Corrado got new timing chains and guides. While doing that work, a billet coolant "crack pipe" was installed. A Techtonics Tuning Stainless Steel Exhaust with Borla muffler was installed. The stock SLC exhaust tip was mounted for the stock look. I purchased e-code Hella lights purchased from Germany and installed them with a custom harness adapter for a seamless plug and play effort. I put another 30K miles on it before having to part with it upon getting a 2008 GTI.