1990 Corrado G60

90 Corrado G60 side.jpg
90 Corrado G60 engine.jpg

I bought this Corrado out of Milford, NH to get into the Corrado game in the early 2000's. Despite the high mileage on the car (~165K?) it had a lower mileage motor. The condition of the car was excellent. It was repainted at some point. I removed the Autotech exhuast and replaced it with a Techtonics Stainless Steel cat back with resonator and Borla muffler. I had the G-Lader rebuilt by Kompressor Kanada which included a 68mm pulley and mild port. Lastly, I replaced the plastic intercooler pipes with the metal Eurosport version.

The car was very fun. I only drove it during the good weather months and used a Corrado SLC in the winter.


Upon purchase of a 2008 GTI I put both this and the VR6 Corrado on the market. This Corrado was sold to a new owner in Kingston, NH in 2008. I wish I still had the Oz Monte Carlo wheels.