1984 Jetta Turbo Diesel


This Jetta came from the Leigh Houseman of H&H Specialties in Chelmsford, MA. After a thorough cleaning from sitting for a number of years it came to life after draining the tank, priming the injection pump and fresh diesel. 

I put 2,828 miles on the Jetta in two years of ownership (most of that in 2018). Off the top of my head it received a new radiator, thermostat, thermostat cover, radiator fan switch, starter, timing belt, timing belt tensioner, tires, rubber valve cover gasket, fuel filter to injection pump line, Injection Pump cold start valve gaskets, Corrado G60 wheel covers, rear brakes, emergency brake cables, H&R rear springs, Bilstein (used), NOS Kamei Hood scoop, Mk1 Engineering throttle cable/pedal bushing, trunk lock tumbler gasket, and a Techtonics Tuning exhaust system. Accessories and parts that went with the Jetta were a brand new custom car cover, two sets of tail lights, two sets of front lights, bezels, and grills. 

The Jetta now resides with friend, Joe S., who acquired it in 2019.