Jetta injection pump cold start seal replacement

September 7, 2019 - The 1984 Jetta Turbo Diesel injection pump started to leak at the cold start valve last November. I parked it in the garage while researching how to resolve it. I considered replacing the pump with a Giles Performance Pump.

I secured a unit over the winter of 2018/2019. Months flew by as other cars got attention in the Spring and Summer. Knee surgery recovery delayed scheduled work at Zip Tie Garage with Craig in July.

I decided to replace the seals on the existing pump instead of swapping in the Giles injection pump. Craig gave me a hand removing the injection pump from the engine.

There are specialed tools needed. A cam lock, dowel pin to lock the injection pump, timing belt tensioner wrench (for installation or proper timing belt tension), and an a gear puller (removed the Injection Pump gear). Once the pump was on the bench, replacing the cold start seals was straight forward.

Upon installing the Injection Pump, Craig ensured all timing marks were lined up. Injection Pump timing was set by ear. The rubber hoses in between injectors were replaced. While the valve cover was off, I installed a plastic cam saver cover and a rubber valve cover gasket and stud kit. Finally, I tightened all belts: a/c, alternator, and power steering.

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