1983 Rabbit GTI Callaway Turbo

83 Rabbit GTI Callaway side.jpg
83 Rabbit GTI Callaway Engine.jpg

This Rabbit GTI popped up for sale around 2000 or so in Aptos, CA by the original owner who purchased it in New York and had a Callaway Turbo kit installed in 1983 with Andy King at R+A Applied Arts in Lyndhurst New Jersey. The owner moved to California in the mid-80's and had the turbo kit removed by New Dimensions who would eventually purchase the rights to the Callaway Turbo tooling, jigs and rights as it applied to Volkswagen.

I bought the turbo kit and a few months later while in California for a wedding, I boxed up all of the parts including the Borla made Callaway muffler and shipped them back east. The Rabbit GTI ended up selling to someone else and it wound up in Santa Cruz. It popped up on VWVortex around 2002 and I bought it sight unseen. It was delivered to me at the office I worked at the time in Concord, MA a week later. 

Friend, Bill W., helped me install the Callaway Turbo kit in his barn. He made a custom downpipe out of stainless steel. The Rotomaster turbo got rebuilt before the installation. The turbo is mild but spools up to get your attention. This one is stage 1 so no intercooler or 5th injector. The water injection is there, just needs to be connected to a 12V power source. 


Under the hood: Stage 1 Callaway Turbo (rebuilt by Blaylock Turbo), Wallace Industries 2.5 Stainless Steel down pipe, 1.6L cam, Callaway Oil Cooler, Mecca oil filter X 2

Interior: Hurst shifter, Cabriolet console with Audi 5000 gauges (volts, oil pressure, oil temperature), old school radar detector

Suspension: Nuespeed SofSport Springs with unknown shocks/struts at the moment, H&H Specialties front sway bar, H&H rear beam bar

Wheels: Corrado steel wheels with Toyo Proxes T1R tires and 1552 Snowflakes

Exterior: Raven Black Powder coated bumpers, Zender rear upper hatch wing, prepared by R+A Applied Arts, Lyndhurst, NJ sticker, BBS front air dam, relayed H4 headlights.