1984 Rabbit GTI Callaway Stage II

84 Rabbit GTI side.jpg
84 Rabbit GTI top.jpg

I bought this Rabbit GTI out of CT with the intention of it being a mule for my first Callaway Turbo installation in the early 2000's. I got the parts from a few Callaway kits that I purchased over several years. I installed in in a weekend in the driveway of my apartment. I drove it to R+A Applied Arts in New Jersey to get fine tuned by Andy King who installed several installation kits in the 80's and 90's. It took several months to get the car back (dropped it off in July to attend Waterfest and got it back at the end of October). Thousands of dollars later it pushed a healthy 10lbs of boost.


I removed the turbo kit and exhaust in 2014. I needed to make room for a new project (1981 Scirocco) and sold the car to a gent in NH. I have seen the car in Merrimac, MA as recent as 2019.